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Farm Loan waiver : Temporary Relief in distress versus Sustainable Solution – Five Pointers

Farm Loan waiver : A Temporary Relief in distress V/S Sustainable Solution – Five Pointers     Do we need to re-align our national policies and framework to bringing lasting improvement in socio-economic condition of our marginalized farmers rather than doling temporary populist relief measures and poll sops?  1.  Agriculture will continue to be vital for…
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Today is World’s Food Day 16-10-16 | Do we need to revisit our priorities ?

Today is World’s Food Day-16-10-16.  But it is also “Worlds Hunger Day” for 800 million people across the world. For them every day is a hunger & starvation day. Do we need to revisit our priorities?   In this new age of “Free data plans, Free recharge, Faster RAMs, Free Tabs, Free apps” we must…
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Development, Digital & Human Touch. Rebooting Banking for Rural empowerment!

Development, Digital & Human Touch. Rebooting Banking for Rural empowerment !   Banking for Empowerment ! In the age of Digital Touch, Banking does need a strong Development Touch and a human touch when it comes to Rural, marginalised & eternally Excluded ! Steps are initiated are right, but not enough. It’s important that Indian banking…
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