Priority Sector & Rural Lending : Obligation or Opportunity

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Priority Sector & Rural Lending : Obligation or Opportunity

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Priority Sector & Rural Lending : Obligation or Opportunity


Don’t be prisoner of past ! Avoid extrapolating the past when unlimited opportunities are emerging on the horizon in the hinterlands…! 


A widely prevailing resistance among financial institutions and banking license aspirants to go Rural India (“Bharat”) , undertake Priority Sector lending and Focus on inclusion primarily seems to be on account of Lack of a business model that is viable, sustainable, robust and an create value to stakeholders.

Can we have business model which addresses the requirements of “Go Rural, Go Inclusive” and churns good returns for stakeholders? Yes, we surely have. Unfortunately we are restricting ourselves with limited options as we trying to extrapolate from the past when bright new opportunities are emerging on the horizon. It’s important to draw lessons but not to the extent we freeze the business model.

We need to recognize Rural Business, Agriculture Business, Food Security, Financial Inclusion are serious opportunities which are all intertwined and complimentary supports for developing a robust Rural Business model. These areas are “intertwined” with the “next phase of economic growth” of the India which we all aspire for, that which will be which lot more participative, broad based & inclusive and can be become real engine which will propel country into next growth trajectory. The basket of products that the Rural India needs will be far more wholesome than in Urban India. The various segments which are going to see the next big growth opportunity include Agribusiness, MSME, Housing, Vehicles, Services, Education, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Energy and so on.


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